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Christian Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Image by Ben White

Sometimes relationships are so strained, and the pain is so great, traditional counseling efforts are not enough to help settle disputes. This is when a mediator or conflict resolution specialist can help the most. These professionals are highly trained to help you get past conflict to move to a place of closure and resolution. 


The difference between traditional legal mediation and our Christian mediation is the heart! Our mediation services are designed to help you through the conflict you are facing using God’s principles, alongside the law. Our mediation services are completely voluntary for both parties. 


The reason our mediation and conflict resolution services are so successful is we help you learn and apply God’s principles to your specific situation. Healing through His word with a compassionate mediator.

Morning Mist Over Trees

When you’ve tried everything, and still have unresolved issues, we can help. No dispute is too large to resolve.

Rates and meeting times vary according to your specific needs, financial circumstances, and the schedules of all parties involved. 


Our mediation and conflict resolution services are provided by Christian Mediators who are trained by Peacemaker Ministries®.

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