When traditional counseling efforts are unsuccessful, parties may submit their dispute for mediation; a process in which our mediators provide the assistance needed to help all parties come to a voluntary agreement for resolution. The difference between Christian Mediation and Mediation in a legal setting is the heart! Legal Mediation deals only with the substance of the conflict while Christian Mediation addresses the heart issues as well. Conflict is something that can either build or destroy a relationship. The key is learning and applying God's principles of conflict resolution. 


In addition; if mediation services are not needed/desired, our professionals can also provide training in Conflict Coaching in order to equip parties to resolve disputes more effectively. 


Rates and meeting times vary according to specific needs, financial circumstances and the schedules of all parties involved. For more information or to submit a dispute of any size for mediation, please contact us and ask to speak

to a Mediator.  


*These services are provided by Christian Mediators who are trained by Peacemaker Ministries®.