Equip people to experience freedom in emotional, spiritual, and mental health.


Provide our comprehensive model of professional Counseling, Coaching, & Mediation services built on Biblical values. Accompanied with affordable options for care, True Vine Christian Services empowers individuals and families to 

live balanced and fulfilling lives.

True Vine Christian Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization



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Individual, Couple, Family,

Pre-Marital, Marriage Counseling


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Spiritual Formation, Life Purpose, Organizational Coaching


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Conflict resolution, reconciliation, arbitration



"As a pastor, I desire to see people get the help they need as they deal with struggles of life.  True help can only be found from our Lord through His word. 

I am thankful that I can recommend

True Vine Christian Services to our membership when they are in need.  True Vine's biblically based ministry is touching hearts and changing lives. 

I believe they will be a great resource and blessing to you!"
- Kenny Qualls, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church Arnold, MO

"God has done such a wonderful work in both of us since coming to True Vine Christian Services. Our marriage has been strengthened, my husband has found freedom from an addiction and I have learned to lean on Jesus and trust Him more in every area of my life. Thanks and praise to the Lord for providing and working through a spiritual, professional and Godly counselor!"

"True Vine Christian Services has been a great blessing to our church family and community.  True Vine brings the light of God's word and the leading of the Holy Spirit into people's lives in a very practical and powerful way.  True Vine has also been a great ministry partner to me allowing me to focus more fully on my calling.  I recommend True Vine Christian Services to people regularly, and I am pleased to be able to reommend it to you as well!"
-Dave Armstrong, Senior Minister
First Christian Church Washington, MO

"I was at a place of decision and in crisis when I began counseling. The pain was so severe and the confusion was great. Through the biblical counsel that I received, as well as the comfort I so badly needed, God has brought me to a place of healing and freedom."

"The characteristic that sets True Vine apart is the dedication to the Word of God and their understanding that it is Jesus that sets people free! They are excellent, extremely professional, and truly are a Christian service. I have had different people close to me go to Christian Counseling and never be pointed to Jesus and to His Word. That is not the case with True Vine. They are trained, genuine, sincere, and have a heart to see God heal, and that is exactly what God does through their work... He Heals!"

"We cannot express how valuable biblical counseling is. Biblical counseling is the only true, Godly way to confront the problems you may be facing. With the help of our strong biblical counselor, we, as a couple were able to remove the deceit confusing us and began to develop the biblical methods and tools to begin truly healing our marriage and resolving our problems."



Main Office:

4191 Crescent Dr. Suites C & D

St. Louis, MO 63129

Regional Locations:

Arnold, MO; Clayton, MO; St. Charles, MO;

O'Fallon MO; Washington, MO;

Cape Girardeau, MO; Colorado (Telehealth

T: 314.892.5995  F: 314.892.5996

E: info@truevinecs.com

Facebook: True Vine Christian Services

Instagram: @truevinestl


Appointment hours vary according to professional.

Most appointments will be taken Mon-Fri ranging

from 9am-9pm. Contact us today to get started!