Coaching is focused on setting and accomplishing goals in the life of our clients. Our coaches will come alongside their clients in order to provide motivation, accountability and tools for success. The specific areas of coaching we currently provide are: 


Spiritual Formation Coaching  - Learning about God’s truth and navigating through the Bible can feel overwhelming at times. Proverbs talks about not leaning on our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledging God. Through our Spiritual Formation Coaching, you will learn how to understand the Bible and how to deepen your relationship with God.  


Life Purpose Coaching – The familiar questions, “What is my purpose?” “Where is my life going?” “What should I be doing to change my life?” seem to pop up in everyone’s life at some point. Through our Life Purpose Coaching, you will learn more about what makes you tick, what your spiritual gifting and God’s calling on your life is. Through setting SMART goals, you will learn tools which will help you walk confidently in a new direction. 


Organizational Coaching – Life can become so busy these days that projects and “to-do’s” often pile up and become seemingly impossible to tame. You may be someone with an overtaxed mind needing direction on where to focus your energy and prioritize areas of life. You may also be someone who has an overwhelming amount of projects, piles of stuff and the endless list of tasks. Through Organizational Coaching you will have professional hands-on help to assist you in accomplishing your goals and getting organized!  


* Coaching is not intended to take the place of those needing Professional Counseling.