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Christian Life Coaching

The life coaching programs at True Vine Christian Services are focused on you, specifically setting and accomplishing your goals. Our programs are uniquely designed to give you the tools you need to succeed, and to remove obstacles from your path while building your confidence. 

Provided through a Christian lens, our coaching will help you gain clarity and begin to walk in your life’s purpose. Our coaches help you along a powerful journey filled with discovery, accountability, and transformation.

True Vine Christian Services Top Coaching Programs


Individual Coaching

Meet one on one with a coach to help you define your goals and develop a path to achieve them.

Support Group

Workshop Coaching

Learn how to define your goals and create a path to success in a group session led by a powerful coach. Our workshop coaching sessions are held in-person or virtually, they cover a variety of topics.

Group Discussion

Retreat Coaching

Spend 2-4 days working on defining your goals, discovering your purpose, and creating your path to success. These retreats are usually held over a weekend and result in strong personal connections between coach and client.